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  • still need to find a good primer on MCAS. The topic is complicated unfortunately.

Biomarkers exist[edit]

There are two sets of tests that seem to have high specificity and sensitivity for post vaccination syndrome:

  • An inflammatory marker panel developed by IncellDX has found unusual levels of various cytokines in post vaccination patients. These include IFN-γ (interferon gamma), IL-2 (interluekin-2), and CCL4-MIP-1β. The details of this test is described in the paper Immune-Based Prediction of COVID-19 Severity and Chronicity Decoded Using Machine Learning (
  • Auto-antibody tests offered by the German lab Cell-Trend seem to find elevated auto-antibody levels in long COVID patients. A paper by Wallukat et al. provides data on long COVID patients versus controls (see Some information on the logistics of obtaining these tests can be found here.

Other biomarkers: