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Resources for vaccine injury and/or long COVID

Sick And Abandoned - A prettier, easier to use version of this site. Resource hub for vax injury and other chronic illnesses.

Guide for the newly injured

Lists of doctors, support groups, and places to tell your story

Resources and treatment information

Odysee / Youtube videos

Ivermectin - how to obtain it and safety information

How to get access to healthcare if you face extreme barriers to prescription drugs or experimental treatments.

Vaccine injury survey results

Currently recruiting studies

COVID prevention and treatment - why it's important in long haulers

More treatment information

MCAS and histamine intolerance overview

IVIG approval resources

A list of doctors treating long haul and their different treatment approaches

General resources

Non-standard auto-antibody lab tests explained

Foreign object infections

Multiple persistent infections - an explanation for long haul syndromes and possibly ways of treating it.

Resources for clinicians and researchers

COVID vaccine injury primer - Dec 2022 slide presentation

(Work in progress) Post vaccination syndrome introduction for practitioners

Protocols: FLCCC I-RECOVER | Truth 4 Health (scroll down to Vaccine Injury Treatment Guide) | Dr. Darrell Demello (Feb 2023) | Joshua Leisk | Patient experiences

Possible etiologies of long COVID and post vaccination syndrome

Delayed onset of vaccine injury can be 10 weeks after vaccination.

Other chronic illnesses

Post SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD)

Other topics, contributing to this wiki

Other topics

MediaWiki syntax cheat sheet

How to use the wiki