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Resources for vaccine injury and/or long COVID[edit]

Guide for the newly injured

Resources and treatment information[edit]

A data-driven approach to Long COVID and COVID vaccine injury treatment (July 2022)

Odysee / Youtube videos

MCAS and histamine intolerance overview

IVIG approval resources

COVID prevention and treatment - why it's important in long haulers

A list of doctors treating long haul and their different treatment approaches

Ivermectin - how to obtain it and safety information

Doctor lists[edit]

List of doctors treating vax injury and long COVID (plus international support groups) - Click on the "doctor lists" tab in the spreadsheet (near the bottom).

General resources[edit]

Non-standard auto-antibody lab tests explained

Foreign object infections

Multiple persistent infections - an explanation for long haul syndromes and possibly ways of treating it.

Resources for clinicians and researchers[edit]

(Work in progress) Post vaccination syndrome introduction for practitioners

Possible etiologies of long COVID and post vaccination syndrome

Delayed onset of vaccine injury can be 10 weeks after vaccination.

A list of Post COVID Vaccination Syndrome surveys that have been completed or are being planned.

Contributing to this wiki[edit]

MediaWiki syntax cheat sheet

How to use the wiki